This may seem abrupt, and I have been awake for more than twenty-four hours, nevertheless, this will be my final blog entry. Now into the third year of my third life sequence, it’s time to begin withdrawing into inner solitude.

I have recently drafted no less than six new entries–none of which will see the light of day here. In the following weeks, I will take everything down and convert select entries into the skeletal frame of one or more nonfiction works… this writing will continue until my death.

Now seems as good a time as any to announce my summer plans: I will returning to the US for a month visit–my first such visit since August of 2009. I’d like to see as many old friends as possible. Unfortunately, as facebook is a primary means of communication for many, I will keep my account until then; afterward, I have no exact plan on how to proceed–merely rought guesses and estimates.

My main reason for retiring the blog is that we all have better things to do with our most precious resource (time) than be trapped in this digital dungeon. Now that we are one step closer to ultimate emancipation, I wholeheartedly hope we use it wisely.

It seems both hypocritical and self-defeated to attempt to influence others to abandon a medium through said medium, though I will continue to rally against undue electronic influence in letters. When my facebook is (most likely) gone after the visit, there will be more than a few ways to contact me… I will not fully withdraw, unless I become a monk.