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“…An idea. All writers are unhappy. The picture of the world in books is thus too dark. The wordless are the happy: women in cottage gardens: Mrs. Chavasse. Not a true picture of the world; only a writer’s picture. Are musicians, painters happy? Is their world happier?” Thursday, September 5th, Nineteen Forty. A Writer’s Diary by Virginia Woolf.

While I agree with her sentiments especially regarding journals/diaries, and the brunt of classical literature catches an inherent deep human sadness, I’m writing against that trend with this book. Focused; on fire. And if not this book, then another. And another’s another…


If only these feelings of Supreme Goodness could be bottled and stored, saved for distribution on a specialized schedule based on need—those days when you feel lowest, most in need of a substantial boost. Or consumed randomly… adding increasing goodness and well-being to the already overflowing mirth.

Unstoppable desire, unquenchable want…


Hunting and racing madden the heart.

Exotic goods ensnarl human lives.

Therefore the Sage

Takes care of the belly, not the eye

Chooses one, rejects the other.”

Thus balance in chaos, mystery within order. A deep that can be penetrated but not known. The seeker finds Nothing.