Category: Family

Nathan’s Birthday

Spoke to my seven year old brother yesterday. He requested some TV character cake for his birthday May 8th, to which our sister said May 6th. He then informed me that he had changed the day and that others tell him it’s May 6th, 5th or 4th. I asked if he knew when his birthday was, and after a pause, he sighed. “No.”


Youngest Brother

My youngest brother is going to be seven in a less than a month. We talk on the phone sporadically, and his viewpoint is amazing because it’s so different from mine, especially when I was almost seven. Explaining things I’ve learned and experienced, his perspective constantly surprises. I must live a good life to inspire him to follow a pure, worthy example. I want to bring him to different places around the world, travel a little bit. Probably won’t happen until he’s a little older, but I look forward to it so much!