While there is always a present movement and momentum, it seems there is both a nostalgic past pulling us back and an expectant future making us daydream… and the past can’t seem to stay dead, can it?

When I got the smart phone, I figured I should call my old boss and have him cancel the old one as it was in his name and the contract doesn’t finish until September. Didn’t call it, just let it slide…

Come this Monday, I hear from the coordinator of my current job that my old boss called the university about the bill. Unable to contain the rage at the old boss’s audacity, I had my girlfriend ask as the mediator… long story short, someone else paid all but $7 of the outstanding bill… old boss asking the girlfriend if he or I should pay the cancellation fee, she went off and told him that since he fired me, he should eat it. Last night the old coteacher sent me a message: Hey Brian, (smile face), how have you been?

Fuck those conartists! MFs don’t contact a person unless/until they need something. And perhaps “Eye for an eye” is not an ample philosophy, but this is more like tooth for an eye or not even close. Maybe the short-term message here is that every type of distraction will come to take you off the path. Thus the archetypal philosophy of the moment and the current theme song: