While playing with the dog this morning, a woman worker tied a rope to a tree and tried to entice the dog with a piece of breed on the loop. Leaning against a nearby tree, I told her the dog was smart and that she wouldn’t be able to catch it. Twenty minutes later, she untied the rope, said it wasn’t possible, and left.

There were two men crouched in the grass watching the dog watch them from the tiny valley. The dog had recently bit a few girls, so not only was the concensus on campus to catch it, but they’d started to actually try.

Saw the dog again around six tonight and he was so excited, running through and around bushes as he barked.

Suddenly a yelping and a trashing around… then I noticed the wire. Two students offered to help, one leaving to borrow a knife, the other comforting the dog. I investigated the wire, and switched places with the kid comforting the dog. Looking into his eyes and past he first layer of extreme terror, throbbed a palpable sadness. Tried to coax the dog forward to loosen the wire around its throat, but it was resigned to its fate. It was caught, and knew that escaping only postpones the inevitable.

As the first guy returned with the blade and the secind had undone the wire, an officer appeared with a harpoon like device.

“Student,” he said to the kid, “I’m here for the dog. Where is it?”

Holding back tears, I told the man that I loathed him and wanted to say more, but didn’t. Another man appeared, lifted the dog by the neck, dropped it in a tiny cage and took it away.