It seems like tumultous times for quite a few metal bands.

First, Florida band Kamelot has been touring without Norwegian singer Roy Khan since last September, so that he recently officially quit comes as no surprise to many. He’s been in the band since 1997 and has recorded seven studio and three live albums with the group. Maybe he’ll return to his original band, the godly Conception (their CDs are so rare I actually made a bit of money buying then selling them).

Second, guitarist Jeff Loomis and drummer Van Williams of Seattle’s Nevermore are quitting after founding the band in 1994 and also seven studio albums. The tension could be felts since 2005’s This Godless Endeavor, and it was stated in interviews that the band needed long breaks or they’d a) kill each other or b) break up.

Third, seminal rockers Judas Priest’s founding member KK Downing has announced he will retire from a band that was already on a worldwide farewell tour. He founded the band in 1970 and has been on all sixteen albums. He’s already been replaced, and while the band plans to quit touring, a new album is slated for 2012.

In the case of each of these bands, I feel they should quit. With the exception of Priest and Kamelot, who are already in the middle of tour cycles and would face huge financial penalties to quit midtour, the others should end when the tours are finished. Each of these bands needs to change the name if they’re going to continue, but there’s more money in name recognition, so they won’t.