I spent about 20 minutes writing  a blog using a normal keyboard. Towards the end of that time I experimented with the experimental voice feature, which I am using now. Though it makes some mistakes such as confusing must with most, it’s efficient applicable ity actually exceed any expectations I might ive had. ( I am leaving any hours in the box that I do with voice because I think it’s fun just there I said voice not box. Unless it’s late in my voice perhaps is the txt tired. A lass it is late and my voice perhaps a deep and tired. Alas. Finally it knows the word).

Lol my phone this thing really sucks.  Dnforum voice for this is not doing very well it continues to mess up many many many times d l o g no b l o g became block no mother was thing lol. Another word became roll recipe what the #### does that mean. I’ll come on you don’t like this where is your sister. I said another word for feces knots where is your sister. N o

O c