Government officals inspect condomania.

Wednesday in Hongdae, my girlfriend and I went to Condomania, where four government officials were discussing their perceived grievances with the owner about the shop being too close to the school and too open. He stated that he had gone the official route by getting a permit… what else could he do? The two older members of the delegation watched us in disgust, commenting how they didn’t understand such a place and all four leaving soon afterward. While we were still browsing, perhaps five minutes later, one returned, telling the owner that they wanted to solve the matter without fighting. When we made our purchase, I told the guy that Korean culture is strict because of Confucianism and that I was sorry. He had tears in his eyes and said nothing.

What kind of hypocracy is this? The government approves the permit but then its officials are scared. Of what? What consequences will a condom store evoke? That safe sex will be something fun? What about 안마 (massage places) and other places where prostitution is allowed, even though it’s illegal? Guess the owner didn’t bribe the right people…