Looking back on last year’s year in review, I made it a big spectacle. This year’s will be far simpler. Why? Well, probably the main reason is that I don’t have a computer (except when I’m in my office), and reviewing the year for the blog is not as serious an endeavor as it was last year.

The year two-thousand-and-ten has been no easier than the year two-thousand-and-nine, though my optimistic perspective initially confused me and made me believe the opposite. In fact, I’d rather review my journal and ruminate on this past year in private. But, in the effort of cold comfort, I will write here.

So, the year started calmly enough in Japan, with tears of joy ringing the temple bell. Then on to Taiwan for lunar new year when things with one of the many potential girls didn’t work out, I escaped abroad instead of dealing with the issue internally.

Upon my return, life was fine, and I began to look for a university job. In May, I learned that my current job was in jeopardy, and thus had just a month before it was over. In that month, not only was I able to secure a summer camp job for the meantime, I was able to get a university job. Enrolling in a TEFL class in Thailand, I left for there, having an amazing ten days with new friends in Koi Samui and Bangkok before embarking upon my class.

The three week summer camp was terrible; I don’t recommend it! (Almost like slave labor). With a free week before moving to Daegu (Hayang to be specific), I had time to stretch my feet a little within Korea.

Work has been a great benefit to my mind and spirit—increasing my Korean through the intensive class, and my ability at teaching (as the university students are more challenging than hagwon students, even if they still lack imagination). From August to December, I have been able to exercise more freedom in my current life, and for the last two months have had the most lovely girlfriend to accompany me.