Neither facebook nor the Internet were the problems—the computer was. Music too. Infernal distractions I allowed to monopolize too much of my time. Well, two weeks without them and the results are immediate. I’ve read seven books, in that time and had infinitely more free time. I’d rather be lost in the real world than lost online, but, actually, I’m more grounded and focused without a computer.

Silence is essential to a healthy spirit, I’ve learned firsthand. Space to meditate within, to ruminate on whatever. Not to have every moment filled. With noise, movement, speech. I still talk a lot (and probably always will), but I do talk a lot, lot less these days, and my train of thought is much less digressive.

It’s been a long road getting here. When I left Massachusetts for Colorado over three years ago, I brought a bag full of clothes and one of books. I planned to stay true to my plan, and though I maintained the moratorium on television, I eventually bought a stereo and CDs and a laptop, the same one that’s helped to ruin the road during these last few years.

Not it will be the same as being away from television—the longer I’m away, the more I loathe it. Sure, I can watch TV now and then, but usually the digust is overwhelming after about fifteen or twenty minutes, then I have to get off and away, for at least a week or more. Already it’s like that with the Internet. After I check my email, AND/OR facebook, and I find myself wandering, I get off. Not having a computer helps in this regard, as I’m at a café or in my office, not a PC방 where the computer is rented by the hour. These places I usually bring a book to read and a notebook to write in (like the one this entry is composed in)—so there’s less temptation to surf.