Two years ago I fell in love for the first time. Two weeks ago, it happened again. This time it’s different: no need to explain in words, except that the roots are deeper and this was the next step in my spiritual journey.

Today was one of those fantastic endless days where the world is shinning and my smile mirrors its brightness. Wanting to have a holy book to accompany me, I had my journal during the first or two days of Korean class finals. Realizing that one mind (and one mindness) is not a beneficial mindset (ha!), I’ve multiplied and have begun to divide my mind equally. 

Books and projects are scattered everywhere (if only I could hide them in false trunks of trees): Vallejo and the Tao de Ching in my office, a book of stories and What’s Going On in a classroom, the still abandoned and soon to be revisited new novel in my room, a newly acquired story notebook to be carried at all (or most) times, and, temporarily, the monstrosity that I’ve recently neglected, the Red Book is at my girlfriend’s.

Now, because endeavors and ambitions are severed and separated, I can focus and put everything into one task exclusively, then it will become as complete as humanly possible.