Do you ever feel like your feet, mind and eyes are constantly in motion and you’re still going nowhere?

Living the moment (and being unbelievably busy) helps us realize that so much is accomplished as long as we keeps to our goals. Layer them to create various subplots: existence is about loose ends so some things will remain forever unfinished, while others will not. Change what you do and even the times when you do them to see if it fits better or merely to spice up an otherwise unoriginal schedule.

Ruminate upon every moment of the average day and you’ll discover potential time stealers: internet, television, napping/sleeping, any unnecessary activities that don’t add to your immediate or future well-being. Important not to have too much boring down time: fill those seemingly meaningless moments with endeavors that will complete and fulfill you: passions and hobbies, whatever you like.

And, lastly, smile!