The main problem with facebook and every other social networking site is that they have become the primary means of communication, yet are entirely insufficient. They remain voyeuristic, not pedantic, created as a distraction, not a genuine and honest sharing of essential information. The potential for using them to improve our collective lives is vast, yet the Internet is a tool none of us will master.

A primary reason I kept facebook was to share pictures. Though I once enjoyed telling intimate stories and details of my life to others, recent epiphanies have changed this negative mindset. Privacy is more important than anything now. Thus I have quit facebook and myspace, and will no longer post pictures or reveal extensive amounts of personal information. My new goal is to spend no more than ten minutes online each day. I will not continue writing extensively about intimate life issues as in the past, now I will focus on (other) more important issues.

The Internet is not only unnecessary for the average life, it’s a transient black hole usurping hours meant for holy endeavors. Even if everyone else seems to indulge, take your stand. Leave this digital prison before it becomes your digital grave.