Get up a little after 7 (6:40 if I want breakfast), teach a class at 8. Korean class starts at 9 and ends at 1. I’m usually starving if I haven’t eaten breakfast, devouring lunch in about ten minutes at the worker’s cafeteria. Sometimes I go to a cafe and complete homework, converse with strangers. If it’s Tuesday, I have English café from 2 to 4. If it’s Friday, I have an hour class at the elementary school. If it’s Monday or Wednesday, I’m free until 5, when I have class Mon-Thur for fifty minutes, then dinner, then class again from 6:30 to 10:15pm. After class finishes for the night, I usually read and write a daily Korean journal. Weekends are usually reserved for recuperation. Busier than ever before, I get more work done with the time available.