Are you looking for something so hard, something you believe you lack, something which will complete you? Stop your search. Instead, look within. The true secret is that you have everything inside; what you need and even what you do not. The secret’s secret is not to know or understand the secret, but to be.

After the becoming, you will witness the beauty and horror of all things—that the higher place you once wanted is within. You will inhabit a fragile plane, one that must be guarded vigilantly. Focus, rigidity, consistency are essential, yet freedom, playfulness and irrationality are as well. Higher realms exist within a paradox, and after the becoming, you will exhibit such paradoxical characteristics. It is a transitory state—one which may be extraordinarily difficult to maintain.

All things are the same. There is a difference only through perspective; nothing exists separately. Even words like other and another have no meaning. Everything is Nothing; Nothing is Everything. A neutral view allows harmony to blossom. The point of this higher plane, and perhaps the path to maintain it indefinitely, is to share. Others(!) must learn of what you are, but teaching and transferring the actuality remains a challenge.

After the becoming, you will not feel afraid of reverting, for reversion is not defeat—reversion is the same as all other things. Inhabiting this higher plane and experiencing the subsequent perception will be lost if you are selfish. It is a scary place to our typically human containers—because you embody all, you feel every extreme simultaneously. They are not continuous, though, as their strength and intensity wane.