Congratulations, you’re a year old today. You’re still a baby and will always be my baby, but you’ve come a long way. As have I. This anniversary is more amazing than the first year in Korea. Mostly because I think the reader can see a drastic metamorphosis in my person—it’s been a believable document of change and will continue to be so. I am astonished and honored.

Writing a blog has transformed my mind, my writing and what I share with others in ways I never imagined or anticipated and I am most thankful for that. Instead of a journal, which is too interior and rarely consulted, I often read over this blog’s entries and others do as well, adding to its potential for fueling change.

This is the two hundred and thirteenth post and though this blog is a work in progress and will forever remain such, I have high hopes and ambition and wish to see it continue to improve. This first year has been a learning process, and though I still don’t understand 100% how to proceed, I’m learning and growing everyday. Able to see this first year in hindsight, I’m truly proud of my accomplishments. Though I shall never attain perfection, I can do my best to attempt it, yet also not be disappointed meeting failure or devastating defeat.