Today I’m filled with such anger, and as I explained to the café owner, it’s without reason. I recently delved deep to investigate the underlying rage, and it seems I did more than dabble, as I initially planned. Most days I’m angrier than ever without provocation and the causes seem to be injected from the exterior for reasons that are older than humanity.

I’ve matured enough to realize destruction and drunkenness cannot solve anything, much less release pure anger. When I used the rage to study martial arts or lift weights, it felt endless, so there must be another way to use it. I know the underlying reason is that I’m not working on the novel that I should be, the new one, and so I’ve got to change my life so that I can. Unfortunately, that will be a difficult and tedious task, but if it’s for the sake of my health and sanity, than it must be achieved. Thus I will struggle with it no more and, in time, deplete this rage.