So much I want to do tonight (ambition-wise), but I’m still so sick and tired that I’m gonna go to bed early. If only we could bottle up excess energy from days where there was nothing to do or an overwhelming sense of boredom and purposelessness. Use that energy at some later time.

Rest and recuperation is essential; energy is the key to balance and happiness. Now that there are more busy days and distractions than ever before, I’m learning what’s important and what’s not. It’s not surprising how many things don’t matter—what’s surprising is how few things actually make a difference: tiny moments that shape life for better—or worse. Yet these moments are fleeting and can’t be relied on for good feelings. They just come and go on a whim, sometimes not even noticed until much, much later.

Addendum: Trying to write today… and I can’t do it. Even just retyping. My mind is so exhausted. I can’t concentrate on writing a new blog, can’t work on new stories, but I can read. So I’m either gonna read or go window shopping… though it’s getting colder outside and I don’t want to spend any money. I also don’t want to stay cooped up on campus every weekend.