I’m on the ground kneeling before my faltering Tree of Life. I have the magic seed stored away secretly and will plant it soon, but first I have to remove all the heavy stones from the garden and till the soil. Once planted, the new tree will take a while to fructify, but when it does, it will provide sufficient nutrients and shelter—bounty, not opulence.

There is still much work to do before the ground is ready though. Love is never enough… still learning and compiling everything that is. Leftover pain makes me more afraid than ever to attempt love again. I’ve been pretty busy this first month in Daegu dating five girls, though I’ve come to realize I’ve relied on them as a distraction alone. They won’t help me achieve my goal and neither will writing. Everything beyond my mind is merely a tool or a distraction, a hobby or a habit, and it’s up to my soul and heart and mind to raise the tree as one.

It and I will grow healthy and fierce and true and strong together.