Begun working on the second story collection in earnest. Already have thirteen stories for one hundred pages with twelve more to write. The concept has been mastered and the entire process is a lot easier because I’ve done it before. That time was especially difficult, as is the first time of doing anything, but now it’s not a task at all.

Don DeLillo about the novel:

“It is the form that allows a writer the greatest opportunity to explore human experience…For that reason, reading a novel is potentially a significant act. Because there are so many varieties of human experience, so many kinds of interaction between humans, and so many ways of creating patterns in the novel that can’t be created in a short story, a play, a poem or a movie. The novel, simply, offers more opportunities for a reader to understand the world better, including the world of artistic creation. That sounds pretty grand, but I think it’s true.”

I haven’t given up on the novel by any means (I’ve written five), just don’t have the time right now to continue working on the new one… though it will be the best, when I get to it. Writing a story a week and editing/compiling as many as possible is much more feasible during this extremely busy time than writing a new novel. A novel is too engrossing… but I’ll dabble and write what I can—when I can. In the meantime, I’ll prepare stories for contests and publication.