Been hanging out with the Chinese a lot: they have terrible Korean pronunciation. I’m like their benevolent uncle, sitting in the corner of a smoke filled room following their conversations and saying the word or phrase they meant to say with perfect pronunciation so that the person they’re speaking to will understand.

The following paragraph is the post that was in Korean now translated:

“Now I want to write in my Korean and English journal but I’m too tired so I’ll write here. I woke up at 8 am even though I only slept for 5 hours; I had to wake up because I promised my Chinese friends we’d go to Daejeon together. The trip from Hayang to dongDaegu by bus took thirty minutes. My friends were laughing because I talked to many girls but didn’t get any numbers (because I didn’t ask!). The only KTX tickets available were for standing. On the train I edited stories and talked to friends. When we arrived in Daejeon, we took a cab to this neighborhood and waited. Finally their friend arrived and we went to her boyfriend’s apartment. I was a little surprised because the Chinese food we ate was so delicious. Everyone feel asleep at karaoke because they were singing sad and slow Chinese songs. Now we’re at the motel about to sleep.”

On with today’s update. Told the guys we’d go to 노래방 today, as we weren’t able to yesterday, and so we met them at 7, but then another friend wanted to go to dinner, so we did that first. Then we played pool. Though I lost more games than I won, I played my best game of pool ever—restrained and in control—precisely getting shots I’d usually never get: crazy shots.

Then to the singing room, where I also had my best singing experience ever: picking some metal, and also acting as Eminem for Rihanna’s song and some other hip hop. I can’t sing, but rapping isn’t singing, is it? There was a Chinese girl there, Mongolian, actually, and I gave her my phone to use the dictionary to translate her academic major from Korean to English. After finishing the song, I sat next to her and she thought I wanted to know her name and said it was in my phone. I had no idea what she was talking about and continued dominating at singing. After walking her to her one room apartment and the guys to their dorm, I checked the names in English (not Korean) in my phone and there her name and number was… why?