Yesterday’s first Korean class went well enough. The teacher is very pretty and during a break I was about to ask her if she wanted to go dancing (she had already told me she liked to dance), but was interrupted by another professor. One of the other students was so annoying as the self-appointed class clown, thus I took it upon myself to out-clown him. The teacher appreciated it (as he was repeating her in an annoying voice or randomly interrupting).

Last night’s homework took over an hour and a half, today’s will take a little less time. Everyday we’re finishing an entire chapter in the book, practice book, a separate 6 page worksheet and copying the conversation and new vocabulary five times. Today’s class began with a quiz of the conversation from yesterday. Today we had a different teacher and she explained that she’s our teacher Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and the other teacher is Monday and Friday. She put her phone number on the board and said if any of us wanted to eat with her just call. I think she’s just lonely: she even drew us a map of her house and explained that she had thought she’d get married soon and doesn’t believe it will happen. She thought I didn’t understand because of my face, but it was because of the shit she was saying: talking about becoming fat and how she wants a guy with money and a nice car, etc.

Today the class clown couldn’t handle sitting next to me and moved closer to the teacher. I made the girl who sits to my left blush so much yesterday, but she’s warmed up to me already: dancing when I dance and laughing at my jokes: supposedly we’ll go dancing when she has time.

Problem now is that a whole slew of the Chinese students want to take my conversation class, and I don’t know how to break it to them, but they’re level just isn’t there. First of all, we communicate in Korean (inside and out of class), even if I try to instigate a dialogue in English. Secondly, they’re still at such a basic level that they wouldn’t be able to maintain even a simple conversation. But they’re hungry for knowledge (or are curious about me).

In conclusion, there’s a reason why I was named the second class assistant, for, even though I didn’t want the position, I am helping to teach Korean even though I’m not Korean. The funniest thing is that all the Chinese students have the hardest time pronouncing my name and I must assist them every time.