Having typed up one fourth of the Korea novel (100 pages now), I’m seeing the patterns that unknowingly manifested in my life and am more than ecstatic to be removed from the life I lived then. It’s quite the narrative—who knew a life could have such themes and balance? Writing from real life (still have to change the names to protect the “innocent”) was a bit too easy.

Making it into a viable novel will be a challenge, but something I know how to do and I’m willing to try new methods. Because this novel is written purely from actual events, the memories of said events is vibrant and there’s a lot I can fill in, and when the time comes, embellish or just make up from scratch.

In other news, my creative life may have gotten the spark it needed. Won’t divulge details and not ready to break down the wall of cynicism and unlock my heart just yet, but will update soon regarding this new development. The blog’s been filled with only dating failures anyway, and it’s about time that is switched. Stay tuned…