Yesterday marked the one year anniversary in Korea. Perhaps it was a sense of ennui the last few nights that has made me feel sad, almost cynical, and though I shrugged it off while celebrating last night, it came back. Only this time it didn’t manifest itself as sadness but as rage. The endless rage I always suppress and silence, the rage that must be neutralized.

Last night was probably the single craziest night I’ve ever had in Korea and though it was maddening, it was my own doing. So much has happened in the last year, so many changes in the immediate environment and even more within. Although all are actual and real, most  manifest after difficult events and circumstance, and the change reflects not only in the reaction to said obstacles, but in my perspective and thoughts.

Living in Thailand put things into a new meaning, but skewed and scattered any inherent direction. Certain things gelled about Korea while away (the language especially), but other things seem more ethereal: specific examples of which I am unable to elaborate at this time; why writing this particular blog has proven so difficult.

But this rage must be dealt with. I’ve spent the better part of a year transforming and now I want to make myself more peaceful and sane. During this second year in Korea, I want to further master the language and delve into a deeper understanding of the culture. And more…