While studying Korean last night, I asked a woman if she wanted to go to dinner together. She said she’d return at 7, and just a few minutes late, she apologized profusely.  I brought my books along because I felt they’d give me strength, and there were a few times that I did consult them.

We ate in Nongdaemun before walking around Myeongdong. She’s Korean, born in China and has been living in Japan for eleven years. She’s just starting to learn English, and occasionally told me to use it, but for the four and a half hours we were together, maybe 20 words of English were spoken.

We were able to speak Korean and understand each other. There were a few times when I needed to consult my phone dictionary for a word I didn’t know, but that was rare. Even though it was a bit challenging, it not only shows that my diligence is paying off, but it proves it.