Twenty-six today and no special celebration. Went to Daegu Immigration to renew my visa for a second year and add the new job, then had a meeting where one of the other new teachers and I picked textbooks for the upcoming semester. Move in to the dorm next Monday, so with almost a week to kill, I’m considering options.

In Daejeon now (on a whim), just trying to relax. Will get a full medical check up when I go for my recruitment exam next week; hoping to get this ulcer in check.

Inception last night changed my mindset like no movie before. Usually I feel a strange sense of bigness and detachment afterwards, but this time I was more aware of my surroundings, an awareness that’s been severely lacking lately.

Before he left, my spiritual advisor told me that a peer said sometimes I’m unaware of myself and my environment, and I realized this is mostly an attempt to feign happiness by not concentrating and being serious. Serious doesn’t have to mean sad, and therefore I must focus on what’s real. Still, the world doesn’t have to dictate my philosophy or perspective. I am the master regardless, and must always remember.