Living out of luggage for the last two months, I realize that material possessions are heavy and annoying. Necessary evils, however: books and clothes, notebooks and papers.

Arrived in Busan just before 10 pm Friday and that night was supbar. Last night was fantastic, including an entirely necessary breakdown (which will preclude a spiritual rebirth), and a 4am romantic walk along the beach (in the Italian dress shoes I bought in Thailand). Though they got sandy and wet, there are far worse worldly worries.

Why I stay out of the world… perhaps too serious of late as well. Intense discussions and confrontations with my spiritual adviser and diligent study of holy texts have helped me overcome the tendancy toward overreaction, but I must still work on anger. Friday and Saturday we were not allowed into a restaurant and a club, both times told, “Koreans only.” I’d never encountered this, but he grew up during apartheid, so that put it into perspective.

Now alone in Busan, I’ll watch Inception shortly. Just got a haircut, and the guy asked if I was going alone when he saw my ticket. Told him yes and he was sad. It’s ok though. Soon I’ll have more friends than I’ll know what to do with. And hopefully a good girlfriend, someone real and true. I’m not going to put myself in situations where others can inevitably hurt me. The girl I met last night… I expect nothing.

Korean study is progressing and I shall enroll in the Intensive Program at my new job if I can, or at least a conversation class. I don’t have to use the language all the time, though I do. Today I had conversations with quite a few people, but mostly flirting. My hobby and habit. Friends think I’m crazy and I’m the first to admit that indeed I am. All of us are.