The Internet. What is it?

Perhaps it guides us somewhere mysterious and unforseen: a place where everything we want is manifest. Distraction upon endless indulgence and distraction.

It’s a place I no longer wish to wander. Takes up too much mental space and real world time while being insulated, separated. Though facebook allows one to share pictures, they can put up elsewhere online. Also, I feel doing so is cheating others in a way, because the picture will never do the place justice: others need to explore for themselves.

Perhaps we’ve been programmed to treat facebook as the only means of communication. Friends can trade emails and letters… preferably the later, occasional calls. Living abroad yet maintaining online connections showed me that friendhsips that were once valuable have been lost; either those involved changed beyond recognition, or a deep and true connection was always lacking, and, to be absolutely honest, I miss neither person nor place.