Want to detail the first and second weeks of camp, but I’ll wait until next week’s over. Right now I’m surrounded by small children swearing as they play computer games in the 비즈니스센터 (business center [computer room]) at the Korea Post Knowledge Information Education Center where the 천안 summer camp is located. I’m not well liked by the administration (because of a few bad decisions due to a lack of thinking, but as long as I don’t make a third mistake, my job should be intact).

Overall I’m more excited than ever to live in Korea. I love 대한민국 so much every day, especially today. I took the bus to central 천안 and bought a contact lens case and solution, then went looking for a 문방구점 (stationary store) to print, sign and scan the contract for my new job.

Found a store–closed because it was Sunday. Asked a young couple to help; the girl left and came back with a friend, then they guided us to various store locations (all closed). These kids were in middle school third grade, about 15 Western age, and knew very, very little English. Finally, after two hours and a couple of near misses, 태훈 found his friend who worked at a stationary store and they not only printed my page and scanned it and saved it, but did so for free, as service.

I asked the kids what food they wanted, saying that we should have dinner together and the choice was theirs’: McDonalds. Near the end of the meal, one of their friends showed up, and his English was the best of the bunch, but I still spoke only Korean. I gave them a lesson on English pronouns, cause the first girl said her boyfriend and his friend were crazy: “You and you are crazy.” I explained that everyone was a little crazy and they laughed. The girls then argued that they and I were not crazy, but that the boys were. Finished with the meal, they accompanied me outside, where 버스 “15” was waiting, the kids saying, “Run,” and me waving bye and doing so.

Now I’m about to study with 서강대학교 한국어 책들 and improve my Korean skills more. I’ll have been here a year in a few weeks and perhaps my level will be where I wanted it to be. Regarding Daegu, my soon-to-be home, it’s better that I have time to readjust and prepare and shift for a new life before going. Thailand provided a fertile ground to restart my mind so I was able to change vastly in the first two weeks back. I anticipate more and greater changes in the remaining weeks before the job actually starts. Heaven.