Perhaps they’re my best or just lapses.

I have decided I should give up a few things together, and I’ve given up drinking (forever?) because of the ulcer; second is facebook. I deleted my account two years ago for a number of months and getting it back was such a huge waste. I can’t moderate. I can’t drink just two beers, same as I can’t be on facebook for ten minutes only.

Of course it’s nice to chat, but our lives are too short and far too important to be wasted being manipulated by machines. Emancipate yourself from your computer and television and read a book, or write one! Go for a hike, have a conversation with a stranger. (In a new language).

There are plenty of modes of communication: email, skype, snail mail. Facebook doesn’t facilitate the type of real interaction I want. It’s empty and mindless and ultimately frustrating. That I’m quitting now isn’t to say that I won’t join again some time in the future, but my heart has been telling me for a long time to do this and I have to listen to it. That is all.