City Hall was packed with so many, many people. Went with a guy from the hostel, and talking about how skinny Korean chicks can be, I pointed out a girl in a red skirt who was really thin. Then, crossing the threshold of people sitting, I lost him. Standing, looking for a place, some dude told me to sit, so I did.

About twenty or thirty minutes into the game, some drunk dude screamed at the vendor selling food from his huge square backpack, yelled for him to, “Come here! Come here!” The slender, tired and tall man did as told, and the drunk dude grabbed his pants leg and pulled him toward him, screaming at him because he had been blocking the screen. He slapped the vendor several times in the face and the vendor just looked at him with anger then walked away. People were upset, yet merely mumbled. I stared harshly at the drunk dude… others noticed.

Some girls sat next to me… the girl in the red skirt and her friends. I took a picture of the three of them, and then we took a picture together. Her friend who went to Seoul National University studying Industrial Design and I talked for a while. The girl in the red skirt and I talked only a little and though there was an undeniable connection there wasn’t enough time. She held my hand for a second though.

Met some guys majoring in Tourist English and we took the subway to Hongdae together… up to the doors of Q*vo, but I didn’t feel like dancing. Walking back here, a rat ran into my ankle… felt its cold, cute nose. Then it ran alongside the buildings, scared out of its mind.