Should really be titled Daegu III, but never got around to writing/posting the second blog.

Today was a SHINING day, even if it started with the worst bus ride ever. Leaving over two hours before my train departed, I knew I wouldn’t make it. The bus driver was an idiot, stopping short every time (and there someone at basically every stop), plus traffic was atrocious.

Got a text message from KTX while on the subway (ticket refunded because I missed the train). Bought a new ticket for the next train at the station then ate and went to the nearby Mall as I had time to kill. On the train, read quite a bit in Ulysses.

Arrived in Hayang at 5:02 and caught the second cab I saw to the university. Located the Language Center on the map, C4, but arriving at building C4, it was something else, and the girls there merely called the number, giggling and whatnot.

Mr. Kim arrived in his car and we drove to the Language Center. There were two other Koreans at the table, one with crazy hair, the senior of the bunch, and the other didn’t say anything, just nodded and smiled.

The senior guy was stationed in Uijeongbu during his army days and was impressed I came down from such a distance. They asked about my current job, academic history, teaching adults and children, interests in literature, work ethic, what I would do if my boss told me to do something I didn’t like: I asked for a specific example, and he said, “overtime.” It was ten times better than the previous interview… because I ran the show.

Mr. Kim gave me a small gift when the interview was finished (pens) and drove me to the bus station. He explained that usually the candidates come and go, but since I came from so far away, it was the least he could do. I asked him about the number of candidates and he said very few are interviewed and that he hoped to work with me. He said he’d call, that he wanted to give me lucky news, and from the way he was giggling and carefully phrasing his words so as not to spill that I go the job, I’m pretty sure I have it.

Another matter entirely if I take it…