Texting KaJin Friday afternoon to tell her it was Club Day, it was pretty obvious that I would return to Seoul to see her, even though I had already traveled there and was exhausted.

On the subway, some Western girl laughed at my jeans—like gray (black and white mix), skinny, skin tight—maybe they’re worthy of laughter. The first and hopefully final time I’ve received such a reaction though. KaJin text me in Korean, “I’m with an old friend so come slowly” and I thought, “Damn, the games for the night begin.” It wasn’t at all bad, as I had time for a snack and wandering Hongdae.

I couldn’t make out what a text later meant, so I asked some Koreans at a stand selling clothes. I showed them the text and explained that I wanted to know what club she was at, and when they didn’t understand, I did so in Korean. One of the dudes starting typing what I said as a text and asked for her number… yeah, right! I’m not gonna give her number to some stranger so he can text her something I can say myself.

Told her, “Q*vo,” her favorite club, and she said she’d meet me there. Waiting outside for what seemed like an eternity, she ran up to me, said her friend got her in, that he had free Club Day tickets, and the guard was a little skeptical when her friend told him to let me through. Some lady involved with organizing Club Day gave us each a wristband and drink ticket. She left to see her friend, saying we’d meet in an hour. So I sat with him and one of his buddies and we spoke Korean. Her friend (현준/Hyeon June) told me he studies English everyday and wanted to practice, to we spoke in English. We then went down into the club and danced in the back. His friend was such an outrageous dancer it was quite hilarious—moving his feet and dancing everywhere with a slick smile.

Dancing got boring and I suggested we go to another club, as M2 was packed. Went to some basement club for about two seconds (absolutely dead) and then to NB1, which wasn’t too busy. Danced for a little, than sat next to현준 and watched videos from the TV above the bar. Finally around two-thirty I convinced him that we should get some food, and we were able to find 해장국 (sunrise/ox tail stew), my new favorite.

We talked about life and I asked him about KaJin. He met her in Busan at a festival about a year ago and he told me a lot about her. As I complained about her heavy drinking and other, minor things, he laughed, “Yeah, you really know her!” She called and said she wanted to see me, asked to speak to him. We weren’t finished yet, and he explained that she had to come to NB1, not NB2, as she wanted. She kept calling and he got annoyed every time I gave him the phone. “I want to locker,” she text me at four am. We were supposed to meet at 10—six hours later is better than never, right?

He danced near where we had sat and I hung around her at the bar as she devoured her Black Russian, spilling some of her next drink down my shirt as she gave me a sip. On the dance floor, she took off my suit jacket and told me to put it in the locker. They made me pay another $2 to add it to her purse in the clear plastic bag on the stairway that served as a “locker.”

So difficult to get a good dancing position, we left for Q*vo, 현준 hugging me and telling me to take good care of her. I promised him I would and was a little sad to say goodbye. Earlier I’d tried to get him to talk to various Western chicks, but he was much too shy.

KaJin was very excited to be at Q*vo, the first club she had ever been to when she turned 20, and she asked me to buy her one drink. “ONE!” I told her. Heineken, of course, what I got her when we met. She was still apologizing for making me wait so long to meet her. It was fine—she had met an old high school friend.

She was quite physical on the dance floor, which is unusual for her, and then she asked, “Why don’t you play? There are lots of girls here. I’ll find you a new girl.” She left and came back. I let her suggestion vanish into strobes and smoke. She asked me to buy her another drink, just one, and I shook my head. I insisted, but knew I would lose. So I bought her another drink, and she promised it was the last one… a promise she kept.

Staying until the club closed, they gave me a problem when I turned in the locker key to retrieve my ARC (alien registration card) because KaJin gave them a single sheet of paper (some chemistry paper—they’ll accept anything from a girl—perhaps). They said they didn’t have the card. She was upset; I wasn’t. Why should I be? When right, I’m immovable. Finally they found it and apologized profusely.

Bright outside, we were both surprised and excited and I told her we should sit down and talk. So we sat on a stoop and talked for a long time about things I care not to share. I suggested we go to Jeju Island and she told me how she’s been twice—once on a high school trip getting drunk from some of the alcohol she got for her teacher. Then I heard, “you die, you die,” and when I looked to where the voices were, it was young kids, who, seeing me watching, said, “Beautiful.” When I looked back at KaJin, they said, “Hey, teacher, kiss my ass.” She was pissed, standing and shouting some choice swears (words I was a little surprised to hear). We got up and say some random band surrounding by quite a few fan girls and she said they were terrible. Sitting on a bench nearby, we talked a while longer.