Woke up at 6 to catch an early bus to Uijeongbu, then the subway to Seoul. Had a 9:15 appointment at the embassy to get my police report request form notarized. Much better having an appointment than not: the place was packed. People there for all manner of reasons and most walk ins—new passports, passports for children, citizenship stuff for Korean spouses. I felt bad for the man who, having arrived the night before, lost his passport at the airport. He didn’t get a police report and had to acquire one before they could continue.

After getting the document notarized, a US money order to pay for its processing, and sending it Fed Ex, I bought a sandwich from a bakery, and a beer from the convenience store next door. Akashi, the most expensive can they had. I thought, “Sure, it’s only 10:38am, but what the hell? I accomplished everything I needed to do today, and I deserve it.” Many of the passerby were jealous I was indulging so early—their eyes said they wanted to join.