Last Tuesday after work Paul, the institute’s other teacher, told me that we had to discuss something important and it would take half an hour. I called Yuna and told her I’d be late, then we to Jokki Jokki where we each had a Coke.

“You have to find a new job.” He explained that the hagwon was facing such a tough time financially that our boss could no longer support me. He said that my last day would be June 14th.

Meeting with Yuna couldn’t have been worse. Hadn’t seen her in two weeks, and she didn’t seem too pleased to see me. Told her about the recent news, then asked her how she felt and why she’d been avoiding me.

“I feel uncomfortable, Bryan. I just want to be your friend.” Where did that come from?! She’s the one who said she thought I was her soulmate! She explained that she didn’t think she had the sense to love me and that while I made her happy she didn’t feel as happy as she wanted to and didn’t know if she ever could.

I couldn’t take it—mixed feelings of anger, sadness, and pain. She wasn’t very supportive, and walking home together, she kept walking ahead and not even looking back at me stumbling in the rain.