I’ve wanted to write about my obsession with women and dating for a long time, and now I’m drunk enough…

Not that I don’t know what I want, but that I constantly, consistently haven’t found it. Though I have undeniably good luck in everything, I’ve ALWAYS had the worst luck possible with women. Maybe because I’m a gentleman and give too much and fall in love much too quick.

Now that I’m involved, I don’t really want to be anymore. Or maybe I don’t want to be boxed, want to date as many girls as possible. Some of you may disagree, but I think it’s purely a numbers name, if it’s any kind of game at all.

The biggest problem: it remains a game, a twisted, repetitive and ultimately unsatisfactory game in which I want no part. Every girl I’ve EVER met has playing in some shape or fashion and I simply can’t calculate that far ahead.

I feel like Joe Pesci lately, “You want to fucking play? I’ll fucking play games and I’ll fucking cut a hole in your throat. Yeah, you want to play games, I’ll play games.”

That’s the new philosophy in a sound bite, what this manifesto is all about. ONE girl isn’t doing it, why I need to date as many girls as possible. Love is NOT enough and maybe that’s because my heart must be shattered a lot more.

All I want is everything. Maybe too much. There’s no perfect person out there, but I want to find one who is honest and true and right. Maybe this girl…