Cleaned my apartment for a few hours before going to the park to write and study Korean. Three little girls came up to me and we spoke in Korean—they were excited to look at my textbooks. They asked if I was Russian and when I was going to shave my face. Stayed at the park for a few hours, then to a café to finish Unit 1 (sans Listening).

Noticed the new girl from the bank looking inside (her friend worked there) and I left, spoke with her for a little while and meeting her brother. I asked if she was hungry, but she had to go home because it was Parent’s Day. Yuna got dragged to her grandmother’s house, so we can’t go the movies tomorrow. Gives me more time to study Korean and write. If only I could study five hours everyday. These university books will certainly make the difference—I feel my mind expanding already (maybe learned 50 new words this afternoon alone)? And they help in retention, because I’m reading and writing them over and over again.