Impossible to distill or condense the last four hours into words, but damn, how much things can change in just a day or two. Had dinner with 유나. She asked if I believed in the notion of soul mates, that I was possibly hers.

When I told her I was a playboy, she said she didn’t want to know the “knitty gritty,” a new word she had learned earlier in the day. I mentioned that I had told a friend about her and she said that was interesting. I told her I hate that word and to use another, as it’s meaningless, and she said it made her happy.

I recommended Virginia Woolf on Monday and tonight she showed me the book she got from the library, “A Room of One’s Own,” a library book of which she dog eared the pages, explaining that it was the only way she knew of keeping her place. I then admitted that I could compromise and she was so satisfied with that, impressed almost. I said that a relationship is like a corporation, that compromises must be made, that differences are good and that love isn’t enough, there has to be something more.

Walking to the grocery store, I said, “You can be my only girl, that’s fine.”

“Hey, she laughed, “you didn’t ask me what I thought first.” So I asked her what she thought and she said she wasn’t sure yet.

At the tea place we spoke about “our” future, that we don’t have to live in Korea forever, and that we both want marriage and kids. She told me that sometimes she’s selfish and wants material things—she’s normal and maybe only a little different. I tried to put it in perspective, that life is about balance and it’s okay to be unbalanced sometimes.

On the walk home, she said she only understood about 80% of what I said, and that she did ask me to clarify, but not every time. I made her promise that she would always ask.

“유나, when am I going to see you again?”

“This weekend.”

“Oh,” I hesitated because of her gorgeous smile, “uh, I have plans. I have to meet a friend, friends, and have lots of errands.”

“Forget this weekend then. Monday.”

We parted.

Final thoughts: what the FUCK am I doing? I’m actually going to meet 의진 on Saturday after what happened tonight? I have such a good feeling about 유나, I guess I need an intervention. Help me, please, HELP ME!