Text회진 (the girl I met in March) a random message I thought when I was drunk, and because of that mindset, sent it to her:

“Obama and supporters spent like half a bil dollars and now he’s Prez. Most powerful man in the world, human in history? more like a flea on the hide of a rhinoceros!”

That was at 9 PM exactly. At 12:16 AM she called me. I couldn’t believe it. “Why did you send it to me?”

“You’re a writer, I thought you’d enjoy it.”

“I’ve thought so much about it and don’t know what it means. You’re nothing to me now, not a friend, not… But I wonder what you’ll be in the future.”

She thought there was some deeper meaning in it and she explained that she had been so busy whenever I called and she didn’t answer, laughed like doing so had been a big mistake and she was caught. (We talked once for an hour, English only, and she didn’t understand only three or four words). Said she was free Saturday, “What about you?” Sounded desperate and out of it, like she needed to see me for some indeterminate reason.

We’ll see how it goes: I have no expectations, nor do I care.