Text 유나 (the girl from the gym) that I needed help speaking Korean, asked if she was available to meet. Said she was finishing work in half an hour, and said she’d come to the hagwon to wait. And there she was after my final class and there she was, ever so radiant. Told her so as we were descending the stairs, and she said she was dressed up because it was her first day back to work since finishing her month training and wanting to impress her boss. They haven’t given her word yet if her position is permanent—she should know before the end of the month.

We went grocery shopping, well, her, then we went to a restaurant, though I had to eat alone because she had already eaten and brushed her teeth (also her diet doesn’t allow her to eat so late), but that she would stay with me and talk. I had spicy tofu soup and it was the deepest conversation I’ve yet had with a Korean chick—perhaps because her English is phenomenal.

Told her I had been upset for the first week when she didn’t notice me at the gym, and she said that she honestly didn’t notice because she was so focused. She said that she saw a girl talking to me and figured she could try. I explained that I liked when girls showed their interest by approaching me, and she countered, “but if you were interested and they didn’t talk to you, you wouldn’t say anything?” My response: “You’re assuming. I never said that, just that I preferred when the girl makes the first move. Otherwise I’m not sure if they’re interested.” Told her to tell me more about her and share her mind, and she said that she could tell me but that I should read it and that she’d rather show me. Had her write down her life rules: “To be perfect. You need to learn a lot of things like taxes, languages, cosmetics, fashion, literature, music.”

A perfectionist too, and we’re on a similar wavelength. And there’s chemistry here as well. There were a few moments were we silent and just smiling at each other. “I want to see you,” she said, “not everyday though, cause I’m so busy, and you’re busy too. But if you’re depressed or I’m depressed, we can call and cheer each other up.”

After eating, I remembering that I had to get something from the grocery store, so we had to head back, and during the walk she asked if I was gay or straight, confused because my left ear is pierced, and explaining that it’s the opposite in Asia. I explained that I wasn’t and that many give me attention and that they always have, because I’m gorgeous and I know. “Yeah,” she nodded, “you’re gorgeous, as you said.”

Walking back to our respective apartments (we live in the same complex but in different buildings), we got into an intense discussion (not debate) about politics, and that was. Before we parted, I said that I hoped she doesn’t treat me like a toy and she said, “I don’t think of you as a toy.”