Wanted to continue drinking in Pocheon, so I decided to have a few beers. Some younger kids asked questions in English, wanting to drink and I was tempted to buy them booze because they were underage, but they left.

Talking to the girl who worked there in both Korean and English, I told her to take off her fat black plastic glasses without lenses because she looked better without them, so she took them. She was trying to tell me some word and I told her to write it down, and she said, “My name?” Then the restaurant owner and the wife returned, saying, “Oh, he speaks Korean?” about me and screaming at her for talking to me.

She smiled when she gave me another beer, afraid to linger near for even a second. When the owner and his wife left to deliver an order, I went to the counter to pay and gave her my name and number on a napkin. She stared at it as if she had no idea, so I told her to hide it, put it in her pocket. “My number?” she asked, and I said, “No, it’s okay, just text me. What are you doing Wednesday?” She explained that she was busy everyday, if not with work, than school. High school, in her second year!