At dinner with my boss, the boss of the kindergarten, the boss of the local hapkido, and assorted spouses, I decided (once sufficiently drunk) to text some girls, see what they were up to. The conversation was entirely in Korean, and I was a little bored, deciding I needed to be occupied.

가진 called me (surprisingly) and though we only spoke for about two minutes, hearing her voice for the first time in a while… wow! “I miss you and want to see you,” I said, and her reply, “I know.” Had to stop myself from saying “I love you” when we said goodbye.

After text wars with another girl, my boss told me that the hapkido owner’s wife was angry because I was on the phone and that my behavior didn’t conform to proper manners. When I told her I was sorry, she said it was fine and that she just wants me to learn Korean super fast so I can speak to all of them. Oh, and when I said I needed to shave, stroking my face, my boss said, “Yes, please do!”