Sunday in Suwon and some woman was trying to give me her dog, me surprised how good my Korean was holding up (was trashed though). Told her I couldn’t remember my phone number and she said I was lying—my buddy gave her the actual number. I decided to get some numbers, so I went into the crowd and started asking random girls, “Do you like dogs?”

Two numbers later, my buddy and I decide to split up and return home (about two hours for both of us). I called 유나 (the girl from the gym) but she didn’t answer. Sat next to some girl on the subway even though it was mostly empty and kept bugging her. “What song are you listening to? What are you studying?” She was not happy with me, probably wished I’d die. 유나 text me that she didn’t know that I called, then called. Said her friend wanted to go clubbing this upcoming Friday and that she’d have to ask her about it and get back to me. (I was happy to hear her voice—an unwelcome sign).

Then Monday night (as I was visiting this random restaurant lady who likes me—a story for a different time or never), one of the Suwon girls, 다미, kept texting me (good Korean practice), but frustrating for the visit. Both of the new girls are really young: 19 and 20, respectively. To top things off, as I’m happily asleep, I get a text from 은자 (the other girl) at 2:48 AM. The clincher: she merely repeated the exact thing I had sent hours before. It woke me up, and though I wanted to text a reply, I didn’t want to stay up for a while.