Much I can’t report from the weekend here, but I’ll mention this:

Walking home after drinking with a friend, five girls came out of a restaurant and asked where I was going, one of the girls stealing the Snickers bar I was eating and almost instantly devouring it. I told them I was going to my apartment, and they asked if I wanted to go drinking and if I liked chicken feet (which I told them I’d try). Then, when one of the girls said she was cold, I took off my coat and offered it to her, another girl complimenting my manners. Then I took off my dress shirt to only be in a t-shirt. The ringleader said she didn’t think I was handsome, and I was taken aback by that comment (the first time I’ve heard such here). I said aloud, “I’m not handsome,” in a shocked, small voice, then almost shouting. “I’m handsome!” Her four friends agreed quite vocally with my opinion, but said goodbye anyway.