March Club Day in 홍대 started with a snack (떡볶이) and getting a text from 가진 asking where I was. She was just a single subway stop away but said we couldn’t meet, that she’d be with her friend all night, asking what I was doing there. I explained that it was because of Club Day, then wandered a bit before settling on Club Saab: dead. Sat at the bar with my beer, and the bartender instantly loved me, gave me a shot of tequila and had me sit next to the two girls positioned at the far side. They gave me tequila, and the one with short hair told me she was 34 and left to dance alone, the bartender telling me if I talked to the younger one (21) maybe I could have four girlfriends (as I told him I had three).

It was a little awkward: me asking questions in Korean, and then I asked if she spoke English, and she said, “Yes, a little.” Told me she was a medical student and wanted to be a doctor. I asked when she was free (holidays only) and if I could be her private English teacher—she said yes. Getting her number, I stole the bartenders’ attention and they were oh so happy.

We left together to go to NB2, but it was a ridiculous line (two hours), so we returned to Club Saab and the original bartender notified me that there were foreign girls there and he didn’t like them, just foreign guys, so I told him I’d talk to them and find out what they’re all about. Kelly and Tabitha, Army girls who had had their IDs stolen and wanted to go to Club Day (how they got in without a ticket is beyond me) and I told them I’d help. The Korean guy (their chaperone?) got a bit defensive until I talked to him and explained what I was all about.

Returning to the first two girls, the older one told me to go away (perhaps mad about what happened with her friend’s sister, the young girl), who was still very nice but very drunk. So I accompanied the two Americans and their Korean friend to get Club Day tickets. They did, upset they spent the money, saying they were going to meet their friend for a birthday party and to go with them. I sat next to the Korean dude (Justin) and advised him on Western women. I said, “Kelly, what’s…” and the other girls said, “That’s not her name.”

Oh, that game, ok. I left. Met some random Koreans and went to a club with them (stupidly paying 15,000 for some small ass club when I had a Club Day ticket). Didn’t drink, just took pictures of girls at the bar for them (they took one with me) and wandered, left. 가진 text me to meet her at 3: when she called and hearing how drunk I was, told me not to drink for an hour.

Meeting her, going first to the bar where we had our first date, then to the club where we met, me buying her a ticket (“you will pey?”). Some random girl appeared, started talking to me in Portuguese, and told my girl 가진 that she would make out with me if 가진 didn’t. She had already been pecking me all night on her own, but was nervous. We made out, then the girl said she would kiss 가진 if she didn’t kiss me. So she kissed me again, then the girl said she would kiss her friend who she hadn’t seen in ten years and they did.

We held hands after, her saying she didn’t like “skinship,” holding my hand because I asked and squeezing it so hard. Earlier at the club, when I was being a little bit too touchy-feely, she knocked the wind of me. I deserved it. Especially when I told random girls to smile while we were walking through the streets holding hands. Later, she was about to jump in a cab and I told her I’d never talk to her again and she got in… I answered her texts anyway. Had breakfast at KFC and didn’t throw up… met a new, good friend.

She called me Saturday night… unfortunately I wasn’t in town!  Next time.