The girl at the supermarket’s eyes lit up when she saw my hair: a sure sign…

Talking to the new sisters I met at the gym last week (the sixteen year old’s English actually really good, especially compared to her older’s sister’s “Okay,” “Thank you,” and “You can do it!”) The older one said I was very handsome and that she had a boyfriend, which I knew was a lie, so I asked her to tell me everything about him. “Very handsome, likes exercise,” motioning like she was playing tennis, “ping pong,” which I explained was a sport for babies. I told her I had two girlfriends, and her sister notified me that maybe I had just found another.

There’s another new girl who always avoided looking at me and I’ve wanted her to acknowledge that I exist, but just that. (Some of the guys made fun of her usual-pouting face last week.) Walking by her tonight, she smiled, so I smiled back and looked away. She was still smiling when I looked again, and said, “Hi. You’re learning Korean?”

What followed was fifteen minutes of the most intense flirting I’ve yet encountered. We’re the same age (which excited her) and works at city hall and will go to training in Suwon for the month of April. I suggested we have lunch when she comes back, an idea she loved. Finally, she looked at my weights on the floor and said for me to get back to my work, that she was going to shower and leave.