Met my 70 year old mentors at 1PM for lunch and soju. The younger one said, “Drinking soju with you is delicious, Bryan.” We had coffee before I had to leave (they said they want to spend all day together—we’ve made plans to hang out the Sunday after next).

Arrived at class ten minutes late—a bit drunk and buzzed from the coffee. Class was good, albeit a little easy, and I took the subway with some new friends to get dinner, but already had plans with Ka Jin (who was half an hour late). I left to meet her.

Called her when she wasn’t outside, said she was on the bus. She called me when she arrived, said it was raining, so she bought an umbrella, which I think was lost in the course of the night.

We had smoked chicken and a pitcher of beer, and she showed me the list of words she must study for her English test on Monday, saying they give her a headache. We reenacted the dialogue from Korean class, which was funny. I told her about the other girl and she said, “Why care?” somewhat mad. She explained that it’s bad that I like her and I should go after the other girl because she’s too busy with school right now to have a boyfriend, even though she likes me and wants me to be her boyfriend. She still wants to be friends, and explained that her room is in a boarding house and that no boys are allowed, that the owner is a woman and would know. She still wants to visit Pocheon, but only if she can borrow her mother’s car and I laughed, told her not to say it was to visit me, but also that I want meet her mom when my Korean’s better, that her mom will like me, and she agreed.

We went to a Western bar next, where I had her try Sam Adams (which she liked—they always do) and then we had her favorite, Icehouse (har har)! Took her picture, but she covered her face cause “I’m shy girl.” Every other time we’d hung out, she paid for the first place and I the second, but this time she had no money and she felt bad. She said when she got money from her mother, she’d take me out for makkoli.

I feel like more of a kid with her than with anyone else, something I’m usually uncomfortable about as almost everyone tells me not to, but with her, it feels natural and free, a perfect revelation. She really is such a sweet and kind girl with a big heart, and I told her I want her to be happy and she said that she’s happy with me, that I make her laugh. I pat her head at the bar: “I’m not a dog.” She said she liked the back of her head to be rubbed, which I did on the subway: “Like a bear. Teddy bear’s are so cute.”

I think she is sophisticated even if she’s young, thus I’m uncertain about seeing the other girl. Ka Jin’s English has improved a lot in the small time I’ve known her, but I love her errors (text message): “yes (heart) ma prinse.”