Found a motel around 6:30am Saturday, but it was 70,000, way TOO much. Went to the police station and asked where I could find somewhere cheaper and the desk guard explained that they were all expensive because it was the weekend (trashed I have moments of near Korean fluency). Burger King breakfast restored energy, then I went to a PC room for 4 hours (later my lungs very upset at the amount of smoke I inhaled).

Had to meet an older gentleman I had met the Sunday before, and him and his friend (both 70) took me out to lunch, then chicken and soju at 2:30pm. They drank so slowly (for good reason), and I was expecting to go to Korean class drunk—glad I didn’t.

Participated in Level 2 (the most advanced class still taught in English) and loved it. Went out to dinner with other classmates, then to a ricewine bar with them. The sleep deprivation and drinks really got to me—I was extra loud and they told me to find a place to sleep and go to breakfast with my girl in the morning, but to give up trying to see her that night. It’s good we didn’t meet, I was too drunk.

Found a cheap place to stay, but a few dollars short and they wouldn’t accept my card, so I had to go to an ATM. The two at the convenience stores said my card wasn’t being accepting because it was out of some timeframe, so I wandered the streets of Seoul crying because I was exhausted. Finally found a bank, got money, passed out.