Hung out with a Malaysian girl in Seoul and showed her around (though I doubt I did a good job).  We had a fun time, until I insisted on finding the teashop listed under the Ewha area in the 100 Best Seoul places. The guy at the university’s information desk called them and walked us to the corner, telling us to wait because a girl with long hair would meet us there.

She was Chinese, so my new friend and her spoke in Mandarin. The cafe owner asked our birthdays and birth times and wrote down a ton of information.  She took out a lamented sheet of prices and called the Chinese girl over, but then put it away when the girl didn’t come over. She then did a Tarot reading, saying, “Service,” while the Chinese girl translated it from Korean to Mandarin and my friend translated into English for me.

Once the reading was over the owner added 24,000 원 to the bill and walked away. My friend starting arguing with the Chinese girl and stood up, saying we’d only pay for our drinks. Once outside, she explained that the girl said she would have to pay for our readings if I didn’t. I usually am not good at reading people, but I knew something was off about the Chinese girl, even though she had a cute and innocent facade: both of us thought we could be her friend, but it just wasn’t to be. Also too bad that I had to say bye to my new friend when she was upset after we had spent such a nice day together. I hope she has fun during her remaining week in Korea.