What do I share and what do I withhold from this blog? I have my journal and novel, yet not everything goes there.  Anyway, the new girl from last Club Day texted me late Thursday to meet Friday night,  and I was prepared to go after work before she cancelled in the afternoon. Was at Pizza Hut with the adult class when I she texted that said she wanted to see me.  My students didn’t want me to leave, but I flipped 10 coins three times: 6 yes, 6 yes, 8 yes.

Boarded the 3000 express bus at 10:15 and got on the subway an hour later, her calling every ten minutes and I kept saying I’d call and that my battery was dying. It died when I arrived, and asking some locals for directions (I love Korea!), they said, “Follow me” and took me all the way there and even let me use a phone: she wasn’t there (on the subway)!  Left my battery charging at Buy the Way convenience store and waited at our meeting spot.

“Hey,” she said. I guess I didn’t know what I was expecting, but she was there, in the flesh. Went to some random club she said was be dead, and she laughed so much when I ordered Heinekin, because that’s what we drank last time.

She told me her real name (가진) and said she was afraid when we met, why she gave me a fake name. I checked her driver’s license and school ID just to be sure.  Talked to the bartender a little (she was drinking with us), but my girl got jealous because the bartender was skinnier, and I had to explain how cute and beautiful 가진 is, and it is totally true, all of it.

She paid and said I pay at the next place, a second floor bar, where she really opened herself up to me, especially when we sat at the bar. There was an older Western man hitting on the hired help (always a no no) and he kept laughing hysterically with each turn down. Standing just before he left, he looked in our direction and said, “And here’s Rico Suave.” I laughed it off because he really has no clue about my life. None.

Being the stupid American I sometimes feel I am in this culture, I asked if she liked kissing, and she asked if that’s what I wanted, and I said, “Yeah, but that doesn’t mean I can’t wait.” She explained that it was only our second time together before ordering a Tequila Sunrise, and a few sips later, she totally surprised me with a kiss, not what I expected at all.

Good to get that out of the way, though, as we were both so much more relaxed afterward.  We kept up with each other in regard to drinking (except that she had two drinks and me only one), and there were many times where she asked, “Are you okay?” because my body language showed that I was uncomfortable, just gas from the beers. She ordered both of us cocktails, then we left.

She was more than sufficiently drunk, and it was my job to take care of her, as I was drunk but not nearly as gone. At the store I insisted on juice, but she picked Cherry Coke, so I got one too and she got a straw, me laughing hysterically and explaining that I’m too stupid to think about using one. I asked if she liked shoes when we passed a shoe store and she said, “Will you buy me shoes one day?” My answer: “Fuck yeah! Hell yes I will.”

We said bye very soon after that, as she got in a cab to her house. Not sure if this girl will compliment or complicate my life… I think we can come to rely on each other and maybe even complete each other… maybe. She’s nothing that I asked for and not who I expected, but I met her for a reason and that’s  enough. Actually, she reminds me a lot of myself when I was 22, so I guess I have changed much in 3 years and know she has much change to go through too, but maybe I can help. Part of me also wonders if this is the wrong time and if she’s not too deep in her own situation for me to affect her at all. However, I am happier than I’ve ever ever been, and what I want for someone special in my life is to be as happy. 가진 is far from any girl I’ve ever met and she’s about as different from others as I am, and that pleases me. She’s exciting, and that, above everything else, is what I need in my life right now. So, for the moment, I’m sold…